My Treatment Plan for Bell Palsy

My New Found Best Friend

I love technology! Within 24 hours of discovering that I have caught the Bell Palsy virus, I googled any information I can find online about it.

Like an impatient millennium, I needed to know how I can get well fast and completely.  What are my chances for full recovery and how long it will take?

My Experience with Bell Palsy

I came to know about Bell Palsy 8 years ago when my mom caught the virus during a holiday in Java, Indonesia.  The symptoms were almost stroke like.  You will notice facial paralysis on one side of your face, this would include dropping of your eyelid, cheeks and mouth. You would have problems controlling your facial muscles and simple actions like opening your eyes or drinking will be a problem as the facial muscles is damaged by inflammation.

I was informed that before such these symptoms surface, one might experience intense headache at the back of your head and facial discomfort – sort of like a numbing sensation.

The factual and comprehensive details can be found at the following website:

To treat Bell Palsy, doctors normally prescribed vitamin B-12 and other B complex. The common medication prescribed would be Corticosteroids. What I was told by my neurologist was that treatment needed to be administered within the first 36 hours.


Step 1:  Get loads of vitamin B, especially  B12 and consume it immediately! Get treatment started within the first instant or within 24 hours.

Step 2:  Get an appointment with the neurologist to understand the level of seriousness and get your dose of medication. Ensure to administer of western medical within 36 hours of getting the Bell Palsy virus.

Step 3:  Concurrently seek Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment. This should be done within the first 24-36 hours.  Go for acupuncture, for me, it is a MUST to revive the damaged nerve on top of western medication. While I understand western medication can treat the swelling of the nerves, acupuncture would be the crucial treatment to ensure complete recovery.

Step 4: Include massage and place a warm towel to the affected area 2-3 times a day

Step 5: Eye ball exercise, 20 clockwise and 20 anti-clockwise directions. I had to do eye ball rotation exercises to strengthen back the affected muscle area.

Step 6: Most important, LOTS OF REST and healthy food. And NO STRESS!!!

Note:  Suggested Vitamins to consume include Vitman B1, B6, B9 and most importantly B12.  I was told by both the neurologist and the Chinese physician that treatment within the  72 golden hour is crucial to fast recovery. Beyond that, your chances of full recovery will be slimmer.

I was very lucky that the Hospital I seek treatment at provided a whole range of services (Raffles Hopsital) and it was a one stop shop for me. I have to admit that I paid premium prices at this privately run hospital.

I developed Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) after being medicated for Bell Palsy.  With the additional complication, it can be frustrating to find doctors and coordinate treatment.  Fortunately, it was a breeze for me as all services are under one room.

There was much synergy and the western doctors were also very encouraging on referring me to a TCM physician.

I was lucky that they referred me to the physician that specialist with healing stroke patients.  The Fire Needle Acupuncture method used around my eye was effective.  While Central Serous Retinopathy took about 3-4 months to fully recover, the acupuncture helped the improved the nerve around my eye in less than a month.  I saw the TCM physician twice a week for almost a month before I could feel the pain from the heat of the needle.  The gradual return of the feeling around my eye tells me much about the condition of my damaged nerves.  Mostly importantly, I took almost a month off work to rest and chill out, not wanting to think or worried about work.

Stress affects your immunity and thus enable virus to attack you body.  Thus it is important not to overwork (which was what happened to me) and have sufficient rest to recover. It’s a fight for both the mind and body. Positivity and rest is the first step to recovery.