Pyjamas Super Heroes – creativity at play

“We are here to save the world!”

The Surprise

I came back from work one evening and found the boys all dressed up as superheroes.

It just dawns on me that the boys are growing up so quickly and they are in the phase of role-playing their favorite superheroes.

Although I could not figure out who they are trying to mimic with the costume,  I was extremely impressed with how creative they can get with the items they found around the house to put their act together.

Equally proud of their work, they strike up a pose and I was in time to take the perfect picture.

RW 4Kids are Creative

My Dad who was supervising them that evening mentioned that my older son Ethan had helped dress up his younger brother.

He came back from school with his art project, a decorated trash bag for a cape with cut out face mask and decided Elijah has to have a costume too to make a team. He managed to dig out a party mask he gotten from a birthday party and used a peg to hold Elijah’s blanket together as a cape. Very ingenious.

As for the poses, I have no idea where they learnt from. It does bring the seriousness and authority of a superhero.

Trying the save the world for the next hour do tired out the young super heroes.  And I must say superheroes need a break too, along with sidekick “Teddy”. RW 5

This was really lovely team work and sibling bonding.  Many years down the road, they will reminisce about these photos and  laugh about it.

Superhero Play and Child Development

As a busy working mum with limited time to play with them, I do appreciate my boys using their own imagination and creativity to have fun role-playing. This is the precious age where they can let their imagination run wild and make up stories and situation.  This is the type of childhood, I would like for them to remember and room to let them explore.

“There are many benefits to the whole child during superhero play. Children develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally during this type of play. It can include R&T [rough and tumble] play, and usually involves significant chasing as well. Also, superhero play often involves much negotiation between children.”

Pei-San Brown, one of the founders of the Children’s Institute for Learning and Development (CHILD)Source: Early Childhood news

One thing I am glad is that they have chosen superheroes as role models instead of villains.  That will be of great concern to me.


Mask and Capes

For samples template of face mask and capes which your kids would like, you can find them at this particular link on Hubpages.